Vintage Bridal Gowns From The 1930′s & 1940′s

1930's Vintage Bridal Gowns
The 1930’s

Decadence and elegance became the norm for brides of the 1930’s with bridal wear reflecting contemporary evening wear styles. Dresses became figure hugging and sexy. With the development of the silver screen women wanted to emulate the onscreen sirens and their wedding day gave them the chance to do this. When Princess Marina of Greece married the Duke of Kent in 1934 she wore a sheath dress made from silver and white lame with fitted sleeves and a train falling from her shoulders. Her HUGE tiara started a HUGE fashion with every bride wanting to be a queen for the day!

The 1940’s

The role of women became very different during the 1940’s and the war years. Austerity became the name of the day. Women started working. The production of luxuries declined and clothing was rationed. Women once again went back to marrying in their ‘Sunday best’ or even in their uniform! There was no time to plan a luxurious wedding due to men being sent to the front at short notice. However, women being women, there was always time to look their best. In 1947 the Queen married the Duke of Edinburgh. To show her solidarity she wore a gown made from simpler more accessible materials with embroidery instead of expensive beading. With very little decoration to take away from the simple prettiness and attractiveness of every bride on her wedding day your groom won’t believe his eyes!

1930′s & 1940′s Vintage Bridal Gown Gallery

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